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| Available Skins |

Rock Lee Sin
goku.png Naruto Goku vegeta.png Sasuke Vegeta
superman.png Minato Superman
hokage.png Naruto Hokage

| How to get it? |

You have to purchase a skins random box from server's shop or achieve them through events/quests.

| How to use it? |

Type !skin info to see available skins.

Type !skin name to set outfit

Example: !skin naruto hokage


| FAQ |

1. Question: How can i get back to my normal outfit?
Answer: Just relog or revert.

2. Question: When i set the outfit is permament?
Answer: Yes it stays permament untill you die or relog/revert.

3. Question: When will new skins be realeased ?
Answer: It all depends if our pixelarter has time.

4. Can i have more then 1 skin?
Answer: Yes.

5. I got the same skin from random skins box more than once why?
Answer: We made it harder to get all skins so there is a chance skins will repeat from box.

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