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Experience Gain
Mission experience gain is set to 500 levels difference, so for example:
if the mission is for level 1000 and you give it back on 1501 or higher, you will get -50% less experience!
Tsunade  Missions400 level Kazekage  Missionsno cap Mizukage  Missions1000 level Pain  Missions2500 level Yagura  Missions2300 level Farmer  Missions1400 level Bijuu  Missions400 level Lost  Guard  Missions1000 level Amado  Missions3000 level Kaguya  Missions3200 level Hagoromo  Missionsno cap

Top 5 Players
1Xamee9164 lvl
2Sir Damian8928 lvl
3Kylian Mbappe8704 lvl
4Zirkel8335 lvl
5Retired Dziadu8279 lvl