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Server Changes
Currently 21 changes were made during this edition.

IDTypeWhereDateDescription> Changed otsutsuki's back portals.> Toneri map improvements.> Transfered entrance for saga's to temple.> Added daily stage for 3300+.> Added cooldown for guren's special 30sec.> Fixed !removewall command.> Rebalanced Deepa, Victor, Code from kara org. hp, exp, +% jutsu protection.> Rebalanced Toneri, added jutsu damage protection for the monster and summons changed from 2 => 1.> Rebalanced Momoshiki, added jutsu damage protection for the monster.> Rebalanced Kinshiki, added jutsu damage protection and removed saruiwa summon from the monster.> Added monster 'Snow Giant' for level 2000+.> Added !pz command, to check your PZ time.> Fixed daily monster counting.> Fixed konohamaru's special jutsu.> Added !daily command, to check daily status.> Mizukage's first mission moved from 600 => 1000.> Decreased max base character speed.> Professions with Immortal special jutsu - no chakra needed to use the jutsu went from 25% => 0%.> Removed AREA jutsu on 750, 900 from various professions, last jutsu's are targets or waves.> Exp box price in shop decreased from 250 => 200> Distance weapons range changed from 5 => 4

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1Hwastu10000 lvl
2Tata Robak10000 lvl
3Franek Mikuje10000 lvl
4Tadzio Bateryjka10000 lvl
5Dyam10000 lvl
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