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Server Changes
Currently 21 changes were made during this edition.

IDTypeWhereDateDescription> Decreased mana cost on special jutsu 35% => 25%.> Remapped triple stack in konoha-gakure.> Reworked cursed/zombie tombs entrance to lever pull.> Teleporter checks your level for 2000+ islands.> Haunted Demon's experience increased.> Removed jump from 600lvl juugo's jutsu.> Increased Attack Speed limit 161 => 171.> Remapped sasori's spawn entrance.> Fixed toneri spawn problem.> Fixed dummy summoning problem.> Fixed pain arc saga bug.> Fixed Zabuza's invisible bug.> Reduced tenten's cooldown on special.> Fixed zabuza's special now he dissapears instantly after special usage.> Added daily news paper to shop.> Mecha Naruto's items loot increased.> Server's base loot rate increased from x1.5 to x2.0.> Changed Neji's last jutsu 'hakke hasangeki' animation.> Added loot to Ghost and Zombie damage was nerfed.> Fixed daily bijuu raid scrolls.> Changed Tsunade and Sakura's special jutsu values to 10% health and 10% mana instead of 20% health.

Top 5 Players
1Grawit5279 lvl
2Szef Zirkel4261 lvl
3Robak Franek4253 lvl
4Gibki Franek4227 lvl
5Hejka Naklejka4166 lvl
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