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Server Changes
Currently 49 changes were made during this edition.

49.2023 Game-> ++Otsutsuki imbued powers, monster token added to all otsutsuki monsters.
48.2023 Game-> Priest Lands encountered into the game.
47.2023 Game-> Utakata NPC is located on Otsutsuki Realms.
46.2023 Game-> Monster token from happy days drops from monsters->
Vicious Snake, Unknown Stranger, Blank Master, Raptor, Deepa.
45.2023 Game-> Non-Pvp zone on Quests from level 2400 and Higher.
44.2023 Game-> 45 players deleted, with about 6000 item slots in total, for illegal activities.
43.2023 Game-> Added training weapon to shop offer.
42.2023 Game->
Otsutski Realms: They are now from 3000 level, player can enter every monster on realms
without the benefit of full experience gain.
Exception: Isshiki, mission must be still completed, to gain access.
41.2023 Game->
Susanoo Realms: Player with 3500 level can enter Glove, Sword, Distance, Tier IV, Tier V
Perfect Susanoo without the benefit of full experience gain.
40.2023 Game-> Bosses in danzo tasks with 150 count decreased to 100 count.
39.2023 Game-> Refreshed beginner experience area.
38.Profession-> Silence special jutsu cooldown changed to 45 seconds.
37.Profession-> Removed wave's from 750/900 levels for the following professions: naruto, kakashi, kakuzu, lee, sai, shikamaru, tenten, jiraiya, raikage, danzo.
36.Profession-> Removed chakra cost for Recovery Specials->Chouji, Kabuto, Killer Bee, Orochimaru.
35.Profession-> Party Buff decreased duration from 30s => 15s, cooldown stayed the same(30s).
34.2023 Game->Special Changes ->
Choji, Kimmimaro, Shisui
33.2023 Game->Profession Changes ->
Glove Professions +3% meele damage
Distance Professions +5% melee damage
32. Game->Special Changes ->
-Immortal for melee professions decreased from 3s => 2s
-Removed chakra cost on on Absorb
-Removed chakra cost on Silence
31. Game-> Perfect IV & V & VI Increased items loot rate.
30. Game-> Unknown Island(3000lev) -> Monster changes -> Increased experience gain per monster
29. Game-> Unknown Island(3000lev) -> Deleted access for entrance
28. Game-> PvP Damage Changes -> Increased damage in pvp by 10%
27. Game-> Attack Speed Changes -> Increased maximum from 186 => 193
26. Game-> Added [Jutsu Specs] to some special jutsu's on website.
25. Game-> Special Changes ->
Naruto, Itachi, Deidara(DMG), Gaara, Hidan(DMG),
Tenten, Kakuzu, Kakashi, Sai, Chouji, KillerB
24. Game-> Player's Pet Changes -> Changes in cooldowns, pet cost etc. all listed in Pet System
23. Game-> Visual Profession Changes ->
kakashi, konan, sasori, shikamaru, chouji,
hidan, kisame, tobirama, itachi,
shino, killer bee, kiba, orochimaru.
22. Game-> Attack Speed Changes -> Decreased maximum from 200 => 186
21.Profession-> Fixed slow in [temari's, hinata's] special jutsu.
20.Player-> [Furiy] deleted for breaking multiple rules.
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