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Server Changes
Currently 26 changes were made during this edition.

26. Game-> Added [Jutsu Specs] to some special jutsu's on website.
25. Game-> Special Changes ->
Naruto, Itachi, Deidara(DMG), Gaara, Hidan(DMG),
Tenten, Kakuzu, Kakashi, Sai, Chouji, KillerB
24. Game-> Player's Pet Changes -> Changes in cooldowns, pet cost etc. all listed in Pet System
23. Game-> Visual Profession Changes ->
kakashi, konan, sasori, shikamaru, chouji,
hidan, kisame, tobirama, itachi,
shino, killer bee, kiba, orochimaru.
22. Game-> Attack Speed Changes -> Decreased maximum from 200 => 186
21.Profession-> Fixed slow in [temari's, hinata's] special jutsu.
20.Player-> [Furiy] deleted for breaking multiple rules.
19.Game-> Added statistics for dungeon master's items & fixed some minor map bugs.
18.Profession-> Silence special duration decreased from 4s => 2s.
17.Profession-> Distance professions with immortal now can't move after casting their special.
16.Game-> Added !dungeon command to check dungeon's cooldown.
15.Game-> Fixed minor game map bugs.
14.Player-> [Sir Damian] deleted for illegal trading.
13.Monster-> Entrance for [Perfect IV & V] required level 4500.
12.Monster-> Entrance for [Urashiki] required level 5000 => 4000.
11.Game-> Daily changes in depth -> Increased chances for rewards, checking access(unknown island), more complex daily for higher levels.
10.Game-> PvP pz lock duration increased from 40 => 120 seconds.
9.Game-> Refreshed some terrain sprites.
8.Player's-> [Ma Jianhong & Terapeutyczny Psychodelik] deleted for illegal trading.
7.Player-> [Gnojownik Mysliciel] deleted for illegal trading.
6.Profession-> Fixed [Raikage's] dasshu special technique.
5.Monster-> Entrance for [Toneri] required level 3500 => 3300.
4.Profession-> Changed [Killer Bee's] Buff animation.
3.Game-> Refreshed [Giant Butcher's] sprites.
2.Profession-> Fixed [Shikamaru's] special technique stacking.
1.Game-> 'Cumulated Chakra' is now a global jutsu for every profession(quest deleted)

Top 5 Players
1Sir Damian8894 lvl
2Franiula8857 lvl
3Hao7692 lvl
4Sir Zombi7586 lvl
5Raito6960 lvl